Airjet Services, Inc.

Serving your aftermarket parts, shop test equipment, and tooling needs

Airjet Services, Inc is dedicated to providing the highest level of reliability and customer service. This coupled with our competitive pricing makes Airjet Services, Inc a leader in the industry.

Airjet Services, Inc. is an aftermarket parts supplier as well as tooling and shop consultant for the aviation industry. Have engine tooling requirements? Airjet Services, Inc can help you with those, too.

All our rotables and expendables receive incoming and outgoing inspections by an A & P licensed mechanic per current manufacturers overhaul manuals and standard practices. Our serviceable and overhauled rotable and expendables are sent to outside FAA certified repair stations.

You can find our inventories listed on ILS and StockMarket. If we don't list it, Airjet can find it. We pride ourselves on giving our customers quality service and products.

Please feel free to call if you have further questions.